Parking Garage General Manager

Oxford seeks a full-time General Manager to oversee a managed parking facility in Pittsburgh’s North Shore Neighborhood

The parking facility General Manager is responsible for managing the parking operations of the parking garage and surface lots for parking that occurs daily, nightly, and/or on the weekends, as well as event parking, including but not limited to; sporting events, conventions, concerts, parades, runs, and other large events.

This position delivers company, client, and customer expectations by ensuring the facility is operating in accordance with company policy. This position is also responsible for scheduling and managing the performance of parking attendants.


  • Have a thorough knowledge of all areas of the facility, and knowledge of the major streets, landmarks, and highways in the area.
  • Participate in programs to improve client satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
  • Assist in the management of day-to-day activities of the facility including ensuring appropriate customer interaction, supervising the completion of all evening closing reports, processing and deposits, scheduling staff, supervising frontline staff, preparing month-end reports, auditing daily cashier shift reports, monitoring and checking of time cards, hiring and training of frontline staff, reviewing of damage claims, disbursing petty cash, and preparation of the annual budget.
  • Work with senior management and the client to ensure opportunities are maximized.
  • Courteously assist customers by answering any questions they may have.
  • High fluency in the use of a traditional PARCS system to control the parking facility.
  • The ability to lead personnel and parking attendant staff competently and authoritatively.
  • An understanding of cash control and credit/debit card protocol.
  • The ability to operate under times of high stress and provide hands-on daily management support and during major holidays and events.
  • Ensure the event operations perform in accordance with anticipated occupancy by ensuring the garage is properly staffed, has required supplies, and follows set opening and closing procedures.
  • Creates and maintains a calendar of events. Calendar of events to include all events which require additional staffing or adjustments in posted parking rates.
  • Facilitates and communicates weekly meetings for all large events.
  • Ensures Parking Attendants are prepared for all external events by reviewing staffing schedules and rate structures in advance.
  • Planning and execution of all self-parking operations associated with non-typical on-off events.
  • Attends meetings with clients and other external stakeholders and responds to their requests on an as-needed basis.
  • Be available 24/7 for personnel or issues within the garage. 
  • Oversee garage operations such as regular cleaning and maintenance required for garage upkeep.


  • 3 years experience with operational and leadership in the parking or related industry, including revenue control and reporting.
  • Established experience in Microsoft Office products.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

Special Availability to Work:

  • Special shift requirements, if any, will vary depending on the facility’s business needs.
  • If applicable, availability to work the 2nd shift, 3rd shift, and/or weekends may be required.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment & will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability or their protected veteran status.

Applicants should submit their resume to