Our Vision

Oxford’s legacy — the creation of new centers of community and commerce — is what drives our vision for the future.


In 1962 Oxford Development Company opened its doors with the drive, desire, and determination to strengthen the Pittsburgh region. Oxford’s inaugural project was the largest enclosed shopping center between New York and Chicago at that time – South Hills Village.

Our inspiring founders Eugene Lebowitz, Edward Lewis, and Mark Mason used their passion for commercial development and their love of Pittsburgh to create strong partnerships for transformation. They instilled the ethic that motivates us every day - partnership, industriousness, and entrepreneurship are the keys to the region’s economic growth.

Oxford’s vision for the Pittsburgh region is one shared by corporate leaders, public officials, and community – urban growth in the region is innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.  Pittsburgh is a world-class city that benefits all its citizens. We work together with mutual respect to realize this shared vision.

Downtown is essential to the well-being of our region and is both a neighborhood and a center for commerce where genuine 24/7 living is possible.  The area we consider Downtown is expanded to include adjacent areas – Station Square, North Shore, Lower Hill District, and the Strip District.

Our urban areas are opportunity-rich, reflect the culture of the community, and are connected with a robust public transit system. Housing for our workforce is safe, available, cost-efficient, and inclusive.

Our workforce is diverse in perspective, culture, and connected to economic opportunity. It is trained for the jobs and skills of the future.  Our regions employers are equipped and invested in the growth and development of our labor force.

Our energy infrastructure is sustainable, clean, and provides opportunity for renewable resources. Local technologies provide a proving ground for the development and implementation of this new infrastructure.

Our economy is strong and supported through the combination entrepreneurial growth and institutional stability. Doing business in our region is attractive and streamlined for investors.