Property Management

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Property Management

We live and breathe this stuff.

You can rest easy when you entrust your asset to Oxford’s Property Management team. Our accredited professionals are solutions focused and detail oriented. We see the weeds, the dirty floors, and understand the utility bills. As property owners ourselves, we know first-hand that a clean, safe, and efficient building is a valuable one.

As one of the largest asset managers in the region our team has the experience to manage all types of facilities but our expertise lies in healthcare, medical / laboratory, commercial office, and government facilities.

Not only do we get the details, we also see the big picture and the bottom line. Capital planning, vendor and labor negotiations, and energy management drives value of your property by maintaining a safe, efficient, and sustainable environment.

Oxford provides analysis and specific recommendations that protect assets and revenue streams at every phase in the property life cycle:

  1. Property Management
  2. Residential Community Management
  3. Facility Management/Assessment
  4. Engineering Management
  5. Asset Resolution/Receivership
  6. Energy Management