Safe, Healthy and Sustainable


Safe, Healthy and Sustainable

Sustainable Real Estate Solutions in Pittsburgh

Sustainable real estate isn't just a commitment; it's our standard. As a full-service commercial real estate company in Pittsburgh, we lead the way in sustainable practices, complementing our comprehensive range of services. Our dedication to sustainability is exemplified in our self-developed 3 Crossings project, a showcase of our commitment to environmental responsibility, occupant well-being, and industry leadership.


Our Sustainability Mandate

Striving for Leadership in Sustainable Real Estate Practices

Sustainability isn't an add-on; it's integral to who we are. Our mandate from CEO Steven J. Guy to be the leader in sustainable real estate practices everywhere we do business is reflected in every project we undertake. We believe that sustainable development not only creates a healthier and more efficient environment but also enhances the well-being of building occupants and the profitability of all stakeholders.

You can find a link to the full mandate text below.

Sustainability Mandate FINAL

The 3 Crossings Development

A Model of Excellence: LEED Silver, Gold, and WELL Health-Safety Rated

3 Crossings stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability. All buildings within this dynamic campus are at least LEED Silver, with three achieving LEED Gold certification. This recognition underscores our dedication to meeting and exceeding rigorous environmental standards, ensuring that each structure is designed and constructed with a focus on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and overall environmental responsibility.

In addition to LEED certifications, the entire 3 Crossings campus is proudly WELL Health-Safety rated. This designation reinforces our commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of building occupants. From air quality and water management to cleaning protocols and emergency preparedness, our WELL Health-Safety-rated campus provides a secure and health-conscious environment for everyone who interacts with it.

Integrating Sustainability in Every Facet

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond certifications; it's ingrained in our development, property management, and brokerage services. From the planning stages of a project to day-to-day operations and ownership strategies, sustainable practices inform every decision we make. We understand that true sustainability is a comprehensive approach that considers environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic viability.

Each year since 2021 we have released our corporate responsibility report, outlining our goals as well as successes and setbacks in reaching those goals. You can find the most recent report at the link below: