Oxford’s Sustainability Ethos
Oxford’s Sustainability Ethos

With today being Earth Day, we thought it made sense to share why we put such an emphasis on sustainability in everything we do. In fact – at a corporate level we have a Sustainability Mandate that holds the entire company accountable, from property management to development, marketing to accounting. We believe sustainable development provides our clients with a healthier and more efficient environment — to the benefit of building occupants, the environment, and the profitability of all stakeholders.

A good example of this is all the work occurring at 3 Crossings. Each and every building is designed to reach at minimum LEED® Silver standards. To this date every building has met that standard, with 2555 Smallman and The Yards at 3 Crossings exceeding that by becoming LEED Gold certified. Riverfront West, Oxford’s future home, is currently tracking for LEED Gold.  

We don’t stop at LEED either. In addition to 2501 Smallman receiving Energy Star certification, our new offices are being designed with an eye towards sustainability and employee wellbeing. We look forward to having our new headquarters truly reflect what Oxford has become as we continue on our new chapter in the Strip District.

Nothing is a more visual example of our commitment to sustainability than the renewable energy we use at The Yards and Riverfront West. Look up, and you can see the 95.4 kW bi-facial solar panels atop The Yards that generate the power to all common spaces within the building. Riverfront West houses 136.8 kW panels, powering the common lobbies, hallways, and exterior lighting of the building. Together they make up one of the largest solar arrays in the City of Pittsburgh! If you stop by, you can go in the lobbies to see digital monitors that broadcast the output of energy and energy savings in real time.

Outside of the Strip District, our LEED Certification continues with Coda on Centre, a 172 unit apartment complex was recently awarded LEED Gold Certification with features like water-efficient fixtures, low-emitting paints, coatings, adhesives, and floorings, and building materials that are recycled and regionally produced.

We look forward to a healthier more sustainable future, and that includes the challenges of designing for sustainability, as we truly believe it’s the future.