Champions Garage

Champions Garage

Convenient Parking on Pittsburgh's North Shore

Convenient Parking for Downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore

The Champions Garage is a 441-space garage on the North Shore adjacent to PNC Park's Home Plate Gate and Acrisure Field.

Monthly leases are available at half the cost of downtown rates, starting at $170. Ask about bulk discounts for groups of 30 or more.

Acrisure Stadium Event Parking


Steelers Questions

Will my season pass renew yearly?
No, they will not automatically renew. You will receive priority the following season to purchase parking before other season ticket holders who did not have a prior pass.

If the Steelers don't make the playoffs, will I get a refund or will a credit be applied the next season?
The Steelers ticketing office will contact you with information on parking for the next season and any credits.

What is the distance from the garage to Acrisure Stadium?
The garage is 0.4 miles from the nearest stadium gate.

How are refunds processed?
All season parking refunds are handled through your ParkMobile account.

General Garage Questions

Are there elevators in the garage?
There are two elevators located in the southwest (Hyatt Place) corner of the garage.

Is there handicapped parking, and can I reserve a handicapped space?
There are handicapped spaces in the garage. These spaces cannot be reserved.

I need handicapped parking and there is none available - what do I do?
If all handicapped spaces are taken, please find a staff member who will assist you in finding a location closest to the elevators.

Is my reserved space transferrable?
Yes, you can transfer your reserved parking through the ParkMobile app.

What are the garage hours?
The garage is accessible 24/7 during normal daily operations. On event days the garage is open 5 hours before the starting time.

What are the daily and event rates?

Daily Rates:
0-2 Hours $5.00
2+ Hours $9.00
Event Rates:
Pirates Games $25.00
Stage AE Concerts $12.00
Steelers Games $40.00
Panthers Games $25.00
PNC/Acrisure Concerts $40.00-$55.00

*Prices subject to change

Are there fees applied to the advertised parking charge?

How do I know if parking for an event is sold out?
If your event is not on ParkMobile, it is sold out.

When I access the ParkMobile website, it asks for an access code. Where do I get an access code?
The access code is only for individuals who have credits on their ParkMobile accounts. You do not need an access code to purchase season or gameday parking.

Is the garage close to an easy entrance to, or exit from, a major highway? Do you have directions?
The garage has access to all major highways and drivers should follow the posted routes.

Champions Garage features convenient access from I-279 and Route 65, and is across the street from the North Side T station. The garage features on-site management to ensure cleanliness and service 24/7, 365.

**If you can not find your event on the ParkMobile website, parking for that event is sold out.

For more information about leases contact us here.

643 West General Robinson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Champions Garage


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