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Real Estate Development

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

-Jonathan Swift

Real estate development is in our blood. It’s not just about buildings and construction cranes. It’s about realizing community goals, bettering a neighborhood, and catalyzing the economic growth of a region.

Oxford takes collaborative view of development and understands that it takes numerous partners, investors and consultants. It takes guidance from community stakeholders, government agencies, and non-profit leaders.

We have been place making for over 50-years - from the creation of neighborhoods like Monroeville to developing opportunity in places like Homewood and revitalizing riverfronts in the Strip District.

In our history, we have developed over 60 million square feet of property, including over 7 million square feet of LEED® certified projects. In the past 24 months alone, Oxford has structured some of the most sustainable and innovative development projects with a cost value in excess of $200 million.