75 Hopper Place

75 Hopper Place

75 Hopper Place is the tallest building in 3 Crossings with an adjacent open space named Hopper Park.

The Centerpiece of 3 Crossings

75 Hopper Place is a new Class A office building consisting of 146,000 square feet located on the corner of 28th Street and Railroad Street in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. 75 Hopper Place is the tallest building on the 3 Crossings campus and sits at the center with an adjacent public plaza, Hopper Park.

Designed and certified LEED® Gold, 75 Hopper Place is six stories above a one-level 108 space underground parking garage. The building is a highly adaptable and efficient office building, with first-floor areas to accommodate additional office, complimentary/shared services, and retail.

75 Hopper Place is home to the new world headquarters for GNC. GNC has leased 75,000 square feet of the available 146,000 square feet to relocate their headquarters. The company indicated 75 Hopper Place and 3 Crossings' "long list of amenities including a fitness center for employee use and several connections to the outdoors..." as part of their decision.

Hopper Park

Hopper Park is a large public gathering space the center of the 3 Crossings campus. This plaza is designed for passive engagements and opens onto a private new road, Hopper Place.

Hopper Park connects to the riverfront trail network and is a shared open space amenity for all buildings in the 3 Crossings campus. The Park is programmed for daily activity and serves as a place for 3 Crossings residents, employees, and visitors to relax and unwind.

Hopper Park and Hopper Place are named for the 3-story stainless steel hopper that still stands along the riverfront. The hopper was originally used to discharge glue in the manufacturing of cardboard boxes by the former Packaging Corporation of America. The foundations and framing of this former warehouse were retained to construct The Stacks @ 3 Crossings.

Sustainability Explored

At 75 Hopper Place, sustainability isn't just a checkbox – it's at the core of our building's design and operations. Achieving LEED Gold certification reflects 3 Crossings’ ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of our community. Here are some of the impactful measures from our certification:

Sensitive Land Protection: The Allegheny River is our backyard. From the outset, we prioritized ensuring that our development minimizes its impact on the surrounding environment.

High Priority Site: Our choice of location not just here, but across 3 Crossings, promotes walkability and transit usage to reduce dependence on personal vehicles.

Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses: By integrating our building into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood, we're fostering a sense of community while promoting efficient land use.

Access to Quality Transit: We understand the importance of accessible public transportation in reducing carbon emissions. That's why 75 Hopper Place is conveniently located near PRT’s 54, 86, 87, 88, and 91 bus routes, making sustainable commuting easier for our tenants. Downtown is only 2 minutes away!

Open Space: Green spaces aren't just for aesthetics – they're essential for our well-being and the health of our environment. In what was a blighted warehouse lot we added Hopper Park adding trees and vegetation as well as a space for events and gathering where there was none.

Rainwater Management: It rains a lot in Pittsburgh, and it isn’t stopping any time soon. Through innovative rainwater management systems, we're reducing runoff and mitigating the strain on local water resources, contributing to a more resilient ecosystem. More stormwater is kept on-site, so we don’t overwhelm the sewage system keeping the Allegheny River clean.

Heat Island Reduction: By using reflective white roofing materials and strategic landscaping, we're minimizing the urban heat island effect, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment for our tenants and the surrounding community.

Light Pollution Reduction: Our commitment to dark sky-friendly lighting design not only enhances the nighttime ambiance but also minimizes light pollution, preserving the natural beauty of the night sky for all to enjoy as well as protecting migrating bird life.

Outdoor Water Use Reduction: Through efficient landscaping practices and water-saving technologies, we bring outdoor water use to an absolute minimum, if any.

Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines: We empower our tenants to adopt sustainable practices through comprehensive design and construction guidelines, ensuring that their spaces align with our environmental goals for everyone’s benefit.

Optimize Energy Performance: Energy efficiency isn't just a goal – it's a necessity. By optimizing our building's energy performance, we're reducing carbon emissions and operating costs, creating a win-win situation for both the environment and our tenants.

Enhanced Commissioning: What’s commissioning? We bring in experts to make sure our building systems operate in the real world the way they were designed. Rigorous commissioning processes ensure that our building operates at peak efficiency, delivering optimal comfort and performance while minimizing energy waste.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Strategies: Building on the minimum requirements, we've implemented additional strategies to further enhance indoor air quality, ensuring that our tenants breathe easy and stay focused and healthy.

Low Emitting Materials: From flooring to paint, we've selected materials with low VOC emissions, reducing indoor air pollution and creating a healthier indoor environment for our tenants.

Construction IAQ Management Plan: During construction, we took proactive measures to minimize indoor air pollution, protecting the health of construction workers and future occupants alike. These rules extend to tenant buildouts, so new occupants don’t disturb our existing tenants.

We're proud to offer a space where environmental responsibility and exceptional design go hand in hand.

75 Hopper Place
Pittsburgh PA 15222

146,000 SF

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