75 Hopper Place

75 Hopper Place

75 Hopper Place is the tallest building in 3 Crossings with an adjacent open space named Hopper Park.

The Centerpiece of 3 Crossings

75 Hopper Place is a new Class A office building consisting of 146,000 square feet located on the corner of 28th Street and Railroad Street in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. 75 Hopper Place is the tallest building on the 3 Crossings campus and sits at the center with an adjacent public plaza, Hopper Park.

Designed and certified LEED® Gold, 75 Hopper Place is six stories above a one-level 108 space underground parking garage. The building is a highly adaptable and efficient office building, with first-floor areas to accommodate additional office, complimentary/shared services, and retail.

75 Hopper Place is home to the new world headquarters for GNC. GNC has leased 75,000 square feet of the available 146,000 square feet to relocate their headquarters. The company indicated 75 Hopper Place and 3 Crossings' "long list of amenities including a fitness center for employee use and several connections to the outdoors..." as part of their decision.

Hopper Park

Hopper Park is a large public gathering space the center of the 3 Crossings campus. This plaza is designed for passive engagements and opens onto a private new road, Hopper Place.

Hopper Park connects to the riverfront trail network and is a shared open space amenity for all buildings in the 3 Crossings campus. The Park is programmed for daily activity and serves as a place for 3 Crossings residents, employees, and visitors to relax and unwind.

Hopper Park and Hopper Place are named for the 3-story stainless steel hopper that still stands along the riverfront. The hopper was originally used to discharge glue in the manufacturing of cardboard boxes by the former Packaging Corporation of America. The foundations and framing of this former warehouse were retained to construct The Stacks @ 3 Crossings.

75 Hopper Place
Pittsburgh PA 15222

146,000 SF

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