Oxford’s Second Annual Corporate Responsibility Report

We’re delighted to share our annual report on sustainability, wellness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion for 2022.

In 2020, we created a corporate responsibility framework to investigate current business practices at all levels and build better processes that will ultimately expand business networks, create more innovative and inclusive projects, and increase productivity and performance. Last year we released a report on our 2021 findings.

We’ve recorded another full year of data in 2022 across all aspects of the corporate responsibility umbrella, from 3 Crossings’ building emissions benchmarking to employee demographics. We outline some goals and are pleased to report on our progress in 2022. 

The information and data we’ve collected in 2022 will now become a baseline for goal setting in the coming years. We invite you to follow along with our journey in subsequent annual reports.

For any questions regarding this report or Oxford’s Corporate Responsibility initiative, please contact Megan Stearman, Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibility.